Do I need an appointment to come look at Mopac?

Yes you do! All tours are by appointment only. Please call Katy at (817) 984-7955 or email her at katy@mopacevents.com and she will set something up!


How many people can your venue hold for a wedding?

The maximum capacity for a wedding at Mopac is 200 guests!

For events other than weddings, you can use the quaint courtyard connected to the indoor space by industrial garage doors to increase your party size to 300 people.


What is required to hold a date?

In order to reserve a date at Mopac, we require 50% of the rental fee and a $1,000 security deposit up front. The remaining 50% of the rental fee is due 30 days prior to your event date. Once your event has concluded and if there are no damages found in the venue, you will receive your full security deposit back.


Can I self-park instead of using valet?

We do not allow any self-parking at Mopac. If you bypass valet and park in a surrounding lot, you are at risk of getting towed. We will put you in contact with Rent A Frog to help coordinate your valet.


Can I bring in my own vendors and caterer?

You can bring your own vendors to Mopac! Please ensure that any vendor your choose carries the proper licenses and insurance.

For catering, we offer a 10% venue discount if you choose to use Tim Love Catering as your caterer for you special event! Please email for more information on those details. If you choose to hire a different caterer, there will be a 10% charge of your catering invoice added to your venue rental.


Can I bring in my own alcohol?

As long as you are having a hosted bar, you are welcome to bring in your own alcohol! You are required to have TABC bartenders serve any alcohol that is present at your event. If you are having a cash bar (guests are paying for their drinks), you are unable to bring your own alcohol and will need to go through Tim Love Catering to sell alcoholic beverages.


Do you require security at events?

We will coordinate a FWPD officer for you to ensure the safety of you and all of your guests. The cost is $45/hour with a 4-hour minimum.


Do you have a catering kitchen?

We have a prep space for all caterers to use. Our space includes a sink, refrigerator, freezer, counter space, and plenty of outlets. We do not have an ice-maker or any cooking equipment.


Am I responsible for cleaning the venue after my event is over?

You are responsible for removing all items that you have brought in by the end of your rental period. You (or most likely, your caterer) are also responsible for removing all trash from the facility and disposing it in the on-site dumpster. Your rental fee will cover the tear down of Mopac’s tables, chairs, etc. and deep cleaning of the rest of the venue.